Skilleton is an application for managing resources in the company. It solves the most important issues, providing the necessary functionalities to deal with the challenges faced by your organization. 



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How can I help

As an application architect, I will help you translate the language of business requirements into technologies.

I'll guide implementing new technologies in your company by carrying out a digital transformation.

I can plan your project, define stages, select technologies and set up a team.

As a senior programmer I can support you with developing features, implementing automation and many usefull tools.

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About me


I'm a software architect and the CTO of 4soft Software House.

Over 14 years of working as a programmer and the president of the company have taught me humbleness and a pro-client approach.

My working experience includes creating a variety of systems operating in many specific domains, from FinTech to medical industries. 

I am passionate about wood, mountains and music. On my blog you can also find what I'm doing in my free time :)

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